Professional service of the Mayor

Professional service of the Mayor

Chief of Department: DRAGUTIN RODIĆ, Graduated Jurist
Trg oslobođenja br. 1, 79102 Prijedor

The authorities:

The Professional service of the Mayor performs the expert, operational and administrative technical matters within the authorities of the Mayor relating to:

- Improvement of organization and methodology of work and achievement of cooperation with all organization units of the City Administration,
- Tracking and harmonization of activities of organization units of the City Administration in procedure of harmonizing regulations of the City and starting an initiative of certain changes,
- Tracking the regulations on labor relations being applied to the employees at the City Administration,
- Systematic tracking of employees structure in the City Administration for their improvement and determination of the best opportunities in using the available knowledge and competencies in accordance with planned needs ( professional career moves, working results, evaluation system, motivation of employees etc.)
- Tracking public procurements and legal properties regulations,
-Settlements of appeals in the second-instance to the first-instance decision, if the Republics bodies are not authorized for settlement,
- Improvement of the City Administration towards its citizens and legal persons approaching the City Administration,
The Service performs the tasks related to:
- Hiring and deploying of the employees, termination of employment as well as fulfilment of the rights and commitments of the employees (by filing and data processing in accordance with regulations for human resources registry via information system)
a) Within the legal field, the Service tracks and performs the coordination of tasks relating to:
-Creating acts on internal organization and systematization of jobs in the City Administration and other general and individual acts brought by the Mayor,
- Prepares drafts of general acts brought by the Mayor,
-Harmonization of general and separate acts prepared by organization units of the City Administration with the Constitution, laws, the Statute of the City and other regulations,
- approving the statutes and other general acts of companies and institutions founded by the City of Prijedor
b) Within public procurement the Service tracks and coordinates the matters relating to:
- Creating a plan of public procurements in accordance with the Budget of the City,
-Managing the procedures of public procurements in accordance with the Law on Public Procurements and adopted Plan of Public procurements of the City,
-Cooperation with BiH Public Procurement Agency and Complaints Commission in procedure of interpretation of certain regulations and complaints settlements
v) Within the legal properties issues and registry of real properties:
- Performance of the most complexed tasks from the field of legal properties from the City authorities, which means the creation of requests and complaints in disputes in which the City is not represented by the Office of Public Defender of Republic of Srpska as well as creating pleas in disputes in which the City is a party to dispute,
- Tasks relating to representing the City before courts and other bodies in legal properties disputes, compensation and services disputes and in labor disputes under the law,
-Matters relating to gathering documentation for starting procedure and participation in procedures of property right transfer in favor of the City as well as the procedures of preparing decisions for sessions of the City Assembly , what decisions are managed by and avails by immovable property of the City,
-Matters of registry of immovable properties of the City and its continuous updating and other matters related to this field.

1. Odsjek za ljudske resurse, normativno-pravne poslove i drugostepeni postupak
Head of Section: Sanela Švraka, dipl.pravnik
Trg oslobođenja br. 1, 79102 Prijedor
2. Odsjek za imovinske poslove i evidenciju nekretnina
Head of Section: Dijana Stojić, dipl. pravnik
Trg oslobođenja br. 1, 79102 Prijedor
3. Odsjek za javne nabavke
Head of Section: Hasnija Skopljak, dipl.pravnik
Trg oslobođenja br. 1, 79102 Prijedor