Department of Economy and Entrepreneurship

Department of Economy and Agriculture

Head of Department: RADE ROSIĆ, Bachelor of Commercial Science
Trg oslobođenja br. 1, 79102 Prijedor

The authorities:

The Department of Economy and Agriculture performs professional and administrative tasks relating to study and analytical tasks from economy (industry, trade and supply, catering, traffic and communications), agriculture, forestry and water management, support to development of institutions in charge of entrepreneurship advancement - handcraft, small and medium companies, development of handcraft and entrepreneurship activities, implementation of policies and development strategies, support to investment policy into local companies, creating conditions to bring foreign investors, defining and implementing agriculture measurements and structural policy in agriculture, implementation of measurements for supporting agriculture, advancement of competitiveness measurements in agriculture, economic-social revitalization of rural infrastructure, performs tasks from the field of integrated development of the City from the scope of work of the Department.

Section of Agriculture
Head of Section: Tanja Marić, Graduated Engineer in Agriculture
Trg oslobođenja br. 1, 79102 Prijedor
Section of Economy
Head of Section: Željko Grahovac, BA in Organizational Management
Trg oslobođenja br. 1, 79102 Prijedor