Sport organisations


The most dominant sport in Prijedor, the football, is presented by fourteen clubs and several schools of football with lots of young football players and those who will become one. The leader of these sport clubs is the Football Club "Rudar - Prijedor", the only representative in the first league of Republic of Srpska, a year-long member of the Premiere League of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it could be the member again this year. The club celebrates ninety years of existence, admiring -worth anniversary.
Other football clubs compete in several leagues, from the Second League of Republic of Srpska, in which also compete the following clubs: FC "Omarska" from Omarska, then three clubs in the Regional League: FC "Brdo" Hambarine, FSA "Prijedor" and Youth Football Club "Sloga" Rakelići. Other football clubs compete in the fourth league as follows: FC "Bratstvo" Kozarac, FK "Gomjenica-"Celpak", FK "Kozara" G. Orlovci, FK "Brzi" Busnovi, OFK "Mrakovica" Kozaruša, FK "Ljubija" from Ljubija, football clubs from the fifth league, the area of Prijedor as follows: FC "Radnik-Urije", FK "Rasavci" from Rasavci and FC" Berek" iz Prijedora.

From hazena to modern handball developed the Womens Handball Club "Mira", which has been competing in the Premiere League of Bosnia and Herzegovina with very good results both in the league and cups of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska. Based on good results and winning the high rank in the Premiere League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Club has the right to compete at international level which it did in two games in the Holland.
The Handball Club "Prijedor", after good ranking in the Premiere League of Bosnia and Herzegovina in previous seasons and bad ranking in the season 2016/2017 it had to leave the elite competition and carry on in the First League of Republic of Srpska.

Indoor clubs are Basketball Club "Prijedor", Womens Basketball Club "Mladost" and Basketball Club "Hunters".
Basketball club "Prijedor" has been competing for a while in the First League of Republic of Srpska, often very close to enter the Premiere League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Younger categories also compete in the First League of Republic of Srpska.
After 35 years of existing, Womens Basketball Club "Mladost" accomplished an old dream to enter to the higher rank of competition. After two seasons, due to young players and wish to play, local players could not stay in the third season of this prestigious league so that they had to be content with participation in the First League of Republic of Srpska, but the wish to enter the higher rank of competition remains.
Basketball Club "Hunters" is dedicated to younger categories, forming a basis of lots of young and perspective players.

Tennis Club "Dr. Mladen Stojanović", after ten ITF Future Tournaments, for financial reasons, had to give up from this important tennis tournament but it carried on with the Memorial "Dr. Mladen Stojanovic" as well as ETA tournament ( a tournament for younger categories), a great tournament of veterans with participation of players from several countries. The Tennis Club from the Street of Srpskih velikana with a large number of age categories competes at the republic level and BiH championships, with good results primarily, having won numerous bowls, medals, acknowledgements. Trainings are held in outdoor fields, but the Club also has its indoor space so that it belongs to rare tennis club where this sport can be played all twelve months.
This year there will be marked eighty five years of playing this so-called white sport in Prijedor which is a rare anniversary.

It is not unpretentious to say that the Premiere League of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot function in table tennis without clubs from Prijedor.
A championship title of Bosnia and Herzegovina keeps coming back to our city and a larger number of table tennis players are members of the BiH national team. Except official competitions, the Club takes part in many tournaments in BiH but in abroad as well. Mens team of the Club competes in Republic of Srpska.

The Handball Club "Prijedor" has been competing for twenty years, with one break in the work, but nowadays as a stabile second-league club also with wish to compete in the First League of Republic of Srpska. This Club as well formed mens team to popularize handball as much as possible in the area of our City.
Handball Club "Vožd", formed as womens team, is not just womens handball club. Lots of men were attracted to this sport so they all together make efforts to achieve as best as possible results, for the time being, in the Second League of Republic of Srpska. The aim of this Club is to enter the First League of Republic of Srpska, which they failed to do in the previous season. However, the quality of handball women players is visible in many tournaments outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Handball Club "Vožd" takes part in international tournaments in Italy and Poland.

With already mentioned sport clubs and associations, there are martial arts in several branches such as karate, taekwondo, kick boxing , aikido, judo, boxing. These clubs compete at the level of Republic of Srpska and Bosnai and Herzegovina and international competitions and tournaments and its results are remarkable. At the martial arts scene are present the following: Taekwondo Club "Kozara", Taekwondo Club "Ljubija", Taekwondo Club "Spartakus", Judo Club "Kozara-Željezničar", Judo klub "Prijedor", Kick Boxing Club "Prijedor", Kick Boxing Club "Rudar", Kick Boxing Club "Gong", Aikido Club "Bušido", Karate Club "Šodan", Karate Club "Rudar Celpak", Boxing Club "Rodić" and others.

Athletes from Prijedor achieve exceptionally good results both in Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In organization of the Athletic Club "Prijedor" , with the City of Prijedor and numerous sponsors and donators, organizes big athletic event "International Street Race" under the slogan " I love Prijedor".

Saint Peter Parachute Cup, is the international event gathering lots of participants from dozens neighboring and other countries. The Cup is part of official European scoring and the effort is to grow into official European FAI cup which is something that much stronger clubs failed to get. Our Aero Club "Prijedor" has been given all support from official institutions so that this Cub could reach its climax in this sport.
Along with Saint Peters Parachute Club, one more official traditional competition in organization of the Aero Club "Prijedor" is "Blanik Cup" gathering lots of crews and competitors, is also international event, then competition of motor pilots "Avio Reli" with ten regular aerial crews.
The Aero Club "Prijedor" , along with Saint Peters Parachute Cup celebrated sixty years of existence which is a rare case for bigger clubs of this rank.

When we speak of shooting sport, it is then about shooting club "Soko" and we could say that this sport returned to arena, shooting ranges after many years of absence. For short time, members of this Club made good results in BiH and at international competitions.

Mountaineering associations have four clubs of which the Mountaineering Club "Klekovača" is the most massive association. It received the Order of Njegos of the Second Degree for advancement of sport. Mountaineering associations "Previja" and SPAK "Pauk" are determined in its activities for alpine efforts and its members take part in expeditions of Republic of Srpska in climbing the peaks all over the world, then Mountaineering Association "Mrakovica" from Kozarac also has lots of members and activities.
To this group of mountaineering association joined the club of extreme sports "Albatros" which tries to make an artificial rock to demonstrate and conduct a training in extreme climbing all at aim of education and promotion of this kind of sport.

When it is about chess clubs, currently there is one active Chess Club "Rudar" in Prijedor, whose womens team is a member of the Premiere League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mens section is at a level of competition in Republic of Srpska.
The Club accomplishes good results which is proved by many medals and bowls from various tournaments and competitions.

Diving Club "Sana" has been active sport club not only at competitions in Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but is a sport club that actively takes part in all happenings such as floods or other natural disasters.

After many years of being absent from sport scene, bicycle club "Kozara" was formed again and for short period of time it made good results both as a team and individually at various bicycle competitions in Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After year-long inactivity, Bowling Club "Rudar" with support of local community restarted its work and became part of competition. Given the fact the Club has not space for training ( there is no bowling lane) so that trainings were held in Banja Luka, then in Gradiska where they play as hosts. The Club competes in the league of Republic of Srpska and it accomplished good results in spite of the lack of working conditions in the City of Prijedor. Construction of a new bowling alley in Urije will provide new and modern equipment as well as training space.

Within all these sport clubs in Prijedor there is a successful Handball of Disabled Persons Club "Kozara" with greater number of members at competitions in Republic of Srpska. They also competed in European competition.