Basic parameters

Economy - basic indicators


Traditionally, Prijedor is an industrial area that based its economic development on exploitation of natural resources of iron ore, gypsum, clay, quartz sand and wood. Important mineral - raw material complex, wood mass as well as fertile land enabled the development of mining, agriculture, wood and metal industry. By richness of raw materials that metal processing activity is based on (iron ore), the City of Prijedor is amongst the richest areas in Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Pre-war economy of the City of Prijedor was based on development of industrial capacities of basic industry. The carriers of economic development in the territory of the municipality have been large business systems of iron ore, cellulose and paper production.
It became clear in the post-war period that structural changes were a must, i.e. a radical turn given the developing features of pre-war economy.
Over the last few years the structure of companies in the City of Prijedor marked the significant changes due to various factors, starting from ownership transformation, law changes, restructuring economic potentials, starting a new market business - making concept instead of contractual economy and similar.
A greater number of economic associations from various sectors have been established in the City of Prijedor with aim of contributing to development of economy in Prijedor. The basic directions of associations are business linking, provision of competitiveness for small and medium enterprises, opening new markets, supporting the decentralization of economic activities with aim of economic growth of less developed settlements.
Industry of the City of Prijedor encompasses a several sectors of economy out of which the most important are these: mining, wood industry, metal processing, food industry, civil engineering , traffic and other sectors.

Mining - is a key economic branch of Prijedor supplying many economic activities with raw materials. Within the last period, evident are millions of investments into mining sector in Prijedor which most reflected in increasing employment , GDP grow, productivity and export rise.

Wood industry - capacities of wood industry are located in broader area of the City of Prijedor and its basic characteristics are:

- Local availability ( self-renewing) raw material basis,
- Tradition and production experience in a wide range of products,
-Export orientation,
- Qualified labor power,
- Availability of its own energy resources (coal and electrical energy),
-Big markets in relatively geographic vicinity.

Metal industry - metal industry has a strategic importance for economic development of the City of Prijedor. Except a direct one, it has a great importance for development of some industrial sectors, branches and groups. With its production it gives an impetus to development of production in other economic branches. Metal industry is involved into making and installing steel-made constructions and a good cooperation is made in this field with countries of the region and European Union.

Food industry - developing potential of food industry in the area of Prijedor stimulates stronger economic growth, intensive local and regional cooperation, creates a synergy between producers for business optimization. The most significant advantage for further development of this industrial are existing natural resources ( fertile agricultural land, good climate conditions) as well as appropriate production capacities which in view of quality are equal to capacities in the region.

Besides the aforementioned, agriculture plays an important part in overall economic development of the City of Prijedor. Existing natural potentials such as climate, land and water are assumptions for good agricultural production and when speaking about diversity of this economic branch, it can be spotted its reflection in cattle, fruit, crop and vegetables raising. It is important to mention that anti-hail protection system has been installed in the course of 1994.
13 anti-hail stations within the anti-hail system protection of Republic of Srpska have been installed. Besides, within agriculture operational are various associations ( association of fruit growers, beekeepers, association of agriculture producers) which by joint efforts impact the economic growth of agriculture and rural development, creating added value, improving living standards of rural population and presenting local products with finding channel distribution at the same time.

Instruments of support to economic development

A concept of local economic development and instruments of supporting entrepreneurship and medium and small enterprises have been applied in Prijedor since 2003. The City continuously conducts activities aimed to create business friendly surrounding. Within the last period, the City developed a whole series of instruments to support companies such as fast registration of companies, Info Centre for Investors, commercial zones, incubators and provision of promotion means.
Over the last 10 year, taking into account role models of the best regional and European practice, there was created a series of instruments to support entrepreneurship and competiveness of small and medium companies.
The City of Prijedor tries to provide adequate conditions and create a suitable surrounding in the aim of attracting investments and strengthening economy in the area of Prijedor through various kinds of stimulations and projects such as:

- Incentives to employers to hire new workers
- Incentives to employers to hire young highly educated people
- Support to self-employing
-Support to womens entrepreneurship
- Incentives for introducing standard of quality
- Incentives for agriculture development
- Support to international connecting and networking of companies
- Support to employment of more difficult employing categories
- Support to innovations and investments into small and medium enterprises
- Creating and conducting training and retraining in accordance with current demands at labor market.

The City of Prijedor gives a full attention to preparation and implementation of IPA projects, available programs of European Union and within projects and programs of international developing organizations and institutions. Currently, several projects, being funded from aforementioned resources, of total value of about 3.000.000 KM are ongoing.

Some of supporting instruments are as follows:

- Development Foundation " Prijedor" - presents a credit - warranty fond which was founded at purpose of issuing warranties for credits to support the development of small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and agricultural producers. Warranties are designed within 3 lines: crediting small and medium enterprises, crediting entrepreneurs and credits for agriculture. Warranty covers 35% out of the approved credit sum, interest rate on approved means is 4,25% and the warranty is approved for credits whose purpose is funding basic working capital.
- Info Centre for Investors - presents a pro-active, mobile and high-quality service for investors who are interested in investing and establishing business cooperation in the area of Prijedor. The basic task of the Info Centre is to provide all relevant information for investors at one place in terms of conducting all procedures within investment process, including post-investment support.
- Agency for Economic Development "PREDA-PD" - founded in 2006 and the founder is the City of Prijedor. The Agency was established with aim of supporting small and medium size enterprises, promotion of entrepreneurship, support to economic an reform initiatives with the region, establishing partnership between public, private and non-governmental sector, supporting the realization of direct domestic and foreign investments etc.
- Industrial zones - five locations have been foreseen by the Town Planning of the City of Prijedor for the purpose of building industrial zones ( "Celpak", "Čirkin polje", "Baltine bare", "Omarska-Paljuge" and "Kamičani"), while spatial documentation has been made for 2 industrial zones ("Celpak" and "Čirkin polje"). To this date, activities to a greater extent have been realized to enable and put the zone "Celpak" into function.
- Entrepreneurship Incubator "Prijedor" - founded in 2006. Its primary concept is to have start-up companies in the Incubator within five years by using a significant number of services such as: rental of office space at more suitable price, i.e. at a lower price than market, using free advisory services, education, administrative services etc.