Agricultural production in the area of the City of Prijedor

Within the total surface of the City of Prijedor (83.406 ha), agricultural land encompasses the surface of 48.370 ha (57,99%), while 44.123 ha (52,9%) is considered cultivated land. Agricultural land is mostly private-owned (43.464 ha or 89,86%), and only 10,14%, i.e. 4.906 ha is state-owned ( of which about 430 ha has been given for rental or concession for agricultural production).

By structure of land usage, arable land and gardens have the greatest part in land surface (37.053 ha), while the others make orchards and vine yards with 2.362 ha and natural meadows with 4.708 ha. The rest of agricultural surfaces are pastures whose total surface is 4.247 ha.

Based on data from Surveyor Administration of Republic of Srpska, Branch Office Prijedor, there are 12.986 land owners on the territory of the City of Prijedor with average possession size of 3,75 hectares. According to estimations, about 12.000 households are involved in agricultural production, i.e. about 50% of the City population. Of the aforementioned number, the biggest number of producers are cattle, fruit and greenhouses production.

One of the mostly presented productions in the area of the City of Prijedor is cattle raising, i.e. milk production. Neighboring dairies buy off milk which is about 10.000 liters per annum.

Of arable cultures, the most used is corn, wheat, fodder plants and this production is mostly used to meet requirements in cattle raising for own needs of cattle raisers in Prijedor.

The area of Potkozarje is, also, known by fruit growing. The detail that this area has about 300 ha of intensive plantations of various kinds of fruit, reflects the condition and importance of this field of agricultural production.
A nursery located out of the City of Prijedor is of about 15 ha surface, it produces about 100.000 plants a year and by larger proportion it provides a quantity and assortment of plants for fruit growing not only in the area of Prijedor but wider too.

Out of total cultivated land, vegetables growing in greenhouses is on the constant rise. It is currently on about 10 ha.

The events, that popularize agricultural production, also promote the City of Priijedor as a whole.

Since 1984 there has been Agricultural Food Processing High School in the area of the City of Prijedor at which are educated pupils of various professions: agricultural technician, veterinary technician, food processing technician, agro tourist technician, food refiner and baker.
Also, many agricultural associations and cooperatives contribute to improvement of economic position of agricultural producers, as follows: Fruit Growers Association "Prijedor" Prijedor, Raspberry Growers "Kozarska malina" Prijedor, Beekeepers Association "Prva pčela" Prijedor, Beekeepers Association "Omarska" Omarska, Beekeepers Association "Kozara" Kozarac, Hunting Association "Ljubija" Ljubija, Hunting Association "Srndać", Hunting Association "Mrakovica" and Agricultural Cooperative "Kooperativa" Prijedor.

Development of agriculture, production and technological restructuring, productivity grow as well as greater competitiveness at market based on ecologic, energy and economic criteria should enable food safety of population to a greater extent, with competitive domestic agricultural products.