Pre-school education


Pre-school education is conducted in the Public Institution kindergarten "Radost". This institution is an institution of a special social interest whose founder is the City of Prijedor and its basic activity is pre-school education and upbringing of children aged 1-6 years, a day -care children.

The Public institution Kindergarten "Radost" has 6 facilities in the area of the City of Prijedor and all are in function of upbringing and education activity:

- Central facility "Radost", Street of Vuk Karadžić 21, involves children aged 1-6 years in 10 educational groups with 251 children in total,

- Kindergarten "Đurđevak" in Urije, Street of Svetozar Marković, is a pre-fabricated facility of capacity of 3 educational groups including children aged 2 -6 years with 81 children in total,

- Kindergarten "Cvrčak" which was restored and adjusted to children aged 1-2 years old in Pećani with 14 children in total,
- Kindergarten "Snježana" restored, equipped and as of September 2012 in the basic function. At maximum it is filled with two mixed groups of children aged 3-6 years old, in total 58 children,

-Kindergarten " Palčić" in Omarska, located in the space of small school. There are in total 28 children aged 3-6 years old,

- Kindergarten "Bambi" in Kozarac - in function since October 4th, 2014. It has one mixed group of children aged 2-6 years old, with 22 children in total,

- Public institution kindergarten "Radost" Prijedor has 454 children which is 5,7 % in relation to the total number of children aged 1-6 years old in the area of our city.

Public Institution Kindergarten "RADOST" PRIJEDOR
Telephone: 052/243-020
Address: Vuk Karadžić 21 Street
Director: Gordana Jekić