National minorities

National minorities

A particular attention has been given to advancement and strengthening cooperation with associations and alliance of national minorities, with focus on cultural linking with countries of their origins.
A list of registered associations of national minorities

Members of various minorities groups have been living in the area of the City of Prijedor for decades. 4 associations of national minorities have been registered:

-Association of Ukrainians "Kozak",
-Association of Slovenians "Lipa",
- Association of Czechs "Česka besjeda" and
- Association of Roma Prijedor.

Funds designed for this group are used for regular program activities on the basis of their general importance and stimulation of national and cultural contribution to social development as well as popularization and affirmation of economic and cultural artistic creation and co-life in a whole. The associations of citizens that gather this population of Prijedor make efforts to keep cultural inheritance, traditions and customs.
A variety of nations and national minorities and multi-ethnicity of the City is an advantage that Prijedor wants to support in their promotion. Also, there is a need for advancing mechanisms and tools that culture and traditions of national minorities are maintained but develop too.
The City of Prijedor is a carrier of several acknowledgements and charters:

- Acknowledgement to the contribution of the City in work of associations of national minorities by Alliance of National Minorities of Republic of Srpska,
- Certificate of the European Commission to Prijedor as a Pro-European city,
- Certificate of OSCE Mission to BiH for human resources management,
- Charter of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg for good relations with national minorities,
- Acknowledgement of the Plus Agreement Network "Agreement of Local Authorities and Organizations of Civil Society"
- Golden Plaque to the Mayor "Leader of the Decade of Local Community for accomplished results in work and development of local self-government in accordance with the European Charter on Local Self-Government" " Business Friendly Certificate (BFC) by National Alliance for Local Economic Development of Southeastern Europe

In 2004, the City of Prijedor, at that time the Municipality of Prijedor, was the first local administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina that allocated within its budget, financial support for associations of national minorities.