Sport events


International Street Race
International Street Race traditionally is held on the occasion of the City of Prijedor ( 16 May) and this year it will be organized for 25th time.
The Race is characterized by participation of large number of runners from several states, both from the region and wider, runners from athletic clubs from Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lots of runners from primary and secondary schools from Prijedor and other towns contribute to massiveness of this sport event.

Tennis Memorial "Dr Mladen Stojanović"
Tennis Memorial is a traditional international competitions which will be held this year for 45th time under the title "Dr Mladen Stojanović". For some time, the Memorial was played within ITF Future Tournament series and before the defensive-patriotic war, it was in the series of tournaments that used to be scored for Yugoslav Competition in tennis. In the end of May and June the Memorial gathers a lot of tennis players so that within a few days of the event one can experience the magic of tennis.
How important and popular the Memorial was in tennis world speaks the fact that in their early careers many famous tennis players took part at it, members of Davis Cup national team: Štolcer, Ivančić, Friščić, and later Janko Tipsarević, Viktor Trojicki, Ilija Bozoljac, Boris Pašanski, Peđa Krstin and Laslo Đer, then Goran Prpić, Vjeran Friščić i Franko Škugor, BiH national team players Mirza Bašić, Uglješa Ostojić, Tomislav Brkić and Aldin Šetkić.

Saint Peters Parachute Cup
In the beginning of July, organized by Aero Club" Prijedor" there has been a traditional International Saint Peters Parachute Cup for 23 years. So far, at the Cup participated teams from Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. About 250 teams with over thousand competitors with over 10.000 jumping took part at the Cup.
Saint Peters Parachute Cup is a very important and interesting sport event which, when held, attracts lots of citizens, children in particular, to "Urije" Air field.

Glider Cup "Blanik kup"
Organized by "Prijedor" Aero Club in August , for the last 13 years there has been the International Glider Cup "Blanik Cup". The particularity of this Cup is that all gliders fly only on one glide of "Blanik L-13" that the Cup was named after.
As yet, 500 gliders from Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated at the Cup. Like the Parachute Cup, "Blanik Cup" is a real magnet attracting our youngest citizens too.