Business Friendly Certificate

Business Friendly Certificate

BFC –A seal of quality for business friendly environment

What does a certificate mean?
A certification of cities/municipalities means the fulfillment of certain standards, i.e. a certain guarantee that current businessmen as well as potential investors will receive services and information in a way making affairs easier within the scope of local governments. A certificate means that local government documented that processes and services being conducted in its work are in accordance with the Criteria. In addition, it means that businessmen can expect a certain assistance and partnership from the city when businesses and procedures are in question being within authorities of institutions active at level of republic.

BFC standard

Defined 12 criteria for the period the City has been recertified and verified via supervision as business friendly with 91,05% percentage of fulfillment.

The evaluation is that the City has made a progress since the period it was recertified with BFC standard for with a significant increase of fulfillment.

We nowadays can say we are on the path of further development of administration processes, improvement of work with investors and introduction of criteria as tools to work in administration.

Besides, this is a verification of continuity of our work and constant advancement, i.e. the removal of shortcoming so that the result of work means the decisiveness of everyone in the process to be a complete service to citizens they deserve and, on the other hand, to give investor business friendly with already existing capacities of procedures and processes of the City.

We believe that only specific indicators and specific evaluations speak about the work of our administration as well as about our efforts we make to achieve results as a development-oriented city that make us competitive in relation with cities in the region. BFC is a recognition of the Southeast Europe network which speaks enough when we say we are the only one in the process of further recertification in this area.

The City has been in the process of BFC since 2013. It entered the process of BFC recertification for the second time which is very specific for cities/municipalities in Republic of Srpska, i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As of April, BFC will be actual in terms of recertification of changed criteria which are set to strengthen capacities for work with investors and development of administration methodologies so that we can be recognized as a BFC city which is a user of certain benefits from this standard.
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