Sport in Prijedor


The City of Prijedor is a city of youth and sport and this fact is substantiated with sixty active sport clubs and associations in several sport disciplines. Sport in the City of Prijedor has been in existence over one century. In 1919 was formed the first football club titled Sport Club "Prijedor" in the city on the Sana river. A bit later were formed many other football clubs.
With its existence and efforts, sport clubs and numerous athletes in Prijedor gave an immeasurable importance to sport in Prijedor and celebrated the name of our town across the world. The City Administration of Prijedor unselfishly helps the work of clubs in Prijedor as well as individuals within its possibilities. Currently, the City co-funds 41 sport clubs, depending on a rank of competition.
Of all sports, the most represented is football and for this reason there are the most football clubs as well as football schools recruiting young football players for bigger football clubs. Also, there are many schools for young athletes in other sports.