The City in the field of social protection has the following authorities:

- To bring annual and medium-term program of social protection based on analysis of social conditions of inhabitants in its area;

- To bring decision on extended rights and other acts that prescribe the conditions for accomplishing the rights and measurements set with decision and programs, to provide funds to accomplish the rights set under the law and its decisions;

- To provide funds to conducts activities of social protections;

-To found and cares about the work of social protection institutions, coordinate the activities of social protection in the area of local self-government;

-To form working body for social protection and perform other tasks in accomplishing the aims of social protection;

- To track social needs of citizens, families and other imperiled groups and in compliance with it to define the policy of extended social protection in its area;

- To create conditions for qualitative provision of social services of citizens: services to children, elder, disabled persons, families with problems and other socially imperiled persons;

- To track social needs of citizens, provide equal conditions to disabled persons, set programs of improving life policies of these persons, their families and other imperiled groups, define the policy of extended social protection in the area of the City;

- To track and help the work of social humanitarian organizations and citizens in performing humanitarian activities and

- Develop other specific contents in accordance with needs and possibilities in social protections.

Services of social protection to citizens of the city of Prijedor provides Public institution “Centar za socijalni rad“ Prijedor which was founded by the City Assembly and onto which the City transferred the public authority to perform these services.

The City of Prijedor cooperates with NGOs, users associations and private sector which resulted in developing specific needs of population of our local community. In accordance to it, a control of services and meetings with partner organizations to improve the quality of service is conducted on a regular basis.

In conducting the social protection and social work, Centre for social work performs public authorities: provision of the first expert aid to citizens, sorting out in the first degree on accomplishing the rights set under the Law on Social Protection and decisions on extended rights in local self-government units, sorting in the first degree about accomplishing the rights from family-legal protection and custody, working on implementing the measurements towards juvenile in criminal proceedings, provision of social service in procedure of solving about the rights from the field of social protection, supervision of foster families, in charge of registry and documentation about the rights, provided services and taken measures within its activity and issuance of confirmations based on registry, payment of funds within the rights set under the law and other regulations and general acts.

In performing the aforementioned activities, the Centre cooperates with other public organizations and institutions, administrative bodies, associations of citizens, religious communities, humanitarian organizations and other local and foreign natural and legal persons participating in social protection activities.

Reception station is a special part of the Centre for Social Work facility, designed for admission and temporary stay of domestic violence victims, children found in vagrancy or begging, the longest to 72 hours with a 24-hour control of expert workers of the Centre. The station is equipped in a modern way, it has three rooms, a living and dining room, bathroom and toilet.


Public institution Centar za socijalni rad
Address: Oslobodilaca br. 8, 79101 Prijedor
Republic of Srpska BiH
Telephone: 387 51 231 967
Fax: 387 51 211 554

City Organization Red Cross Prijedor
Address: Branislava Nušića br. 13, 79101 Prijedor
Republic of Srpska BiH
Telephone: 387 51 231 621
Fax: 387 51 211 101

Public Institution “Dom za stara lica“
Address: 79101 Prijedor, Prote Mateje Nenadovića bb
Telephone: 052 233 751
Fax: 052 211 982

Public Institution “ Dom za lica sa invaliditetom“
Address: 7900 Prijedor, Milana Vrhovca 117
Telephone: 052 232 300