The one of the most important natural resources in the Municipality of Prijedor is the mineral resourceIron founding represents the most significant potential in Republic of Srpskaas well as whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Metal-genetic area of Ljubija covers the area of 1200 km2the northwestern part Republic of Srpska with numerous founding of metallic, nonmetallic mineral and energy resourcesEspecially significant are founding of ironmetallurgical raw materials, mineral pigments, then smaller founding of baritefluorite, plasterlimestonedolomite, clay (kaolin, concreteor clay brick), sandcoal, etc.

Great potential when it comes to natural resources are forestsIn the area of Prijedor municipality  ​​29380.20 hectares are covered with forest12 362.80 hectares privately owned  and the rest 17 017.40 hectares owned by state.

Water potential is currently under-exploited. There are 4 sources per square kilometer at Kozara hydrographic area, 7 sources of clean drinking water per square kilometer at Mrakovica hydrographic area. Hydrographic area makes 2.152.3 ha or 2.47% of the total area of the Prijedor municipality including rivers, creeks, ponds, artificial and natural lakesBasic hydrographic feature of Prijedor gives Sana river with its tributaries.

The Municipality of Prijedor has area of ​​83406.60 hectares44740.20 hectares  are suitable for agriculture (private and public sector).

Around 37333.40 hectares of the most fertile land make fields and gardens​​while the meadowsorchards and vineyards cover an area of ​​7149.40 hectares (2404.20 ha of fruit orchards4740.20 ha of meadows5 ha of vineyards). The pasture area is 4263 ha1300 ha of fish ponds, and 3974.60 ha of total land area falls in the wastelands. About 13,000 householders are involved in agricultural production, representing about 50of the total populationArea of ​​Prijedor municipality is favorable for fruit production. Farming in the area of Prijedor municipality has characteristic of  individual production.

 Kozara mountain has a great potential with its national park, varied and diverse flora and fauna with characteristics of air spa, is  very suitable for the development of various aspects of tourism.


Prijedor has a reputation of open and welcoming city. A larger number of satisfied visitors who are coming back every year is a result of town warm and friendly environment.

Numerous activities and events held throughout the year leave the possibility that each one of them find something interesting and enjoy in something  they love.

A large number of culturalsportsentertainment and other events are offered to the citizens of Prijedor. Cherishing traditions and cultural - historical heritagethen the work of cultural - artistic associations, theater, museum, cultural events, artistic amateurism and other forms of related activitiesconfirming that the Prijedor has a rich and meaningful cultural life.

Cultural institutions responsible for cultural development in the Municipality of Prijedor are: Kozara MuseumNational Library "Ćirilo i Metodije", the City Theatre, "Gallery '96", as wel as artistic associations in the Municipality of Prijedor the most known folk dancing club "Mladen Stojanovic, folk dancing clubs  "Osman Džafić," "Kozara" and others.

Alsothe quality of life affects developed NGO sectorand the existence of numerous minority associations: Association of Ukrainians "Kozak", Association of Slovenians "Lipa", the Association of Czechs "Ceska beseda", The Association of Romas etc.

Some of the most important and most popular manifestations are:
- International Festival of Choirs "Zlatna Vila"

- "Dani zime“, manifestation on Kozara mountain that celebrate winter season 
- Tennis competition "Dr. Mladen Stojanovic"
- Literary encounters at Kozara
- Art Colony "Sreten Stojanovic" 
- „Zlatne ruke Potkozarja“, exibit of handicrafts specific for area of Potkozarje
- „Petrovdanski Kup“, International parachute competition
- International street race and others.

Sport takes a very important place in everyday life of Prijedor citizensMany sports professionals give immeasurable stamp to Prijedor sport and the city itself. Worldwide, a large number of athletes from Prijedor gave outstanding contribution in almost all branches of sport.

In the town of Prijedor and the surrounding area exists more than 50 sport clubs, 39 sports clubs and sports associations are supported by local budgetSome of the most successful sports clubs are football club "Rudar-Prijedor," Tennis Club "Dr. Mladen Stojanovic," women handball  club "Mira," handball  club "Prijedor", table tennis club "Prijedor", athletic club "Prijedor", basketball club "Mladost", etc .

 Prijedor has all necessary sport infrastructure for professional and  recreational purposes.



The rights and obligations of foreign entities.

A foreign investors are equal in their rights and obligations with citizens of BiH.

A foreign investors are entitled at additional warranties that are not given to domestic entities The Constitution of Republic of Srpska makes sure that the rights of the investors will not be decreased by specific law or regulation after completion of the investment, ensures unhindered repatriation of profits from the land of the free repatriation of capital by investing termination.

Foreign investment is regulated in accordance with the laws of the entity and state level.

Foreign investments in the Republic of Srpska are regulated by:

- Law on Foreign Direct Investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Official Gazette" No. 17/98 and 13/03);

- Law on Foreign Investment ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 25/02 24/04);


The texts of these and others regulations  related to the business, are published on the web sites of the following institutions and Agency for the promotion of foreign investment - FIPA:


Modes of foreign investment entities

The ways in which foreigners may invest capital in the Republic of Srpska as follows:

- Establishing a legal entity entirely owned by a foreign person (Decision on the Establishment)

- Establishing a legal entity in the joint ownership of domestic and foreign investors (partnership)

- Investment in an existing legal entity

- Investing in a bank or insurance

- Opening of the actions or activities as self-employed individual (entrepreneur)

- Special forms of investment:

1. Obtain a concession for the exploitation of natural resources, goods in general use and performance of activities of general interest for the Republic of Srpska

2.  Participate in activities B.O.T. (Build - Operate - Transferand BOOT (Build - Own - Operate - Transfer).
In accordance with the Law on Companies of the RS ("Official Gazette of RS", no. 127/0858/09 and 100/11) in the Republic of Srpska can establish:

- A partnership

- Limited Partnership

- The stock company

- Limited Liability Company



Info Centre for Investors (IC) is located within the Agency's "PREDA-PD" since 2006., and was founded  to provide all relevant information to potential investors in one placeand act as a utility service.


The main tasks of the Info Centre for investors are reflected in the following activities:

- Promotion of the Municipality of Prijedor and its potential as a favorable place for investmentbusiness and life in general (territorial marketing, preparation of promotional materialsdirect marketing, visits to commercial and investment fairsetc.),

- Cooperation with potential investors and existing entrepreneurs to inform about business conditions, investment potential, the current support programs and stimulations at localnational and entity level

- Identifying the needs of the local economy and support in solving administrative and other problemsin order to increase competitiveness and encourage the development of the existing economy.

The experiences of IC through existing activities can greatly influence the reduction waste of time and find adequate information in the process of business registrationobtaining licensesenforcement procedures and other activities in the investment process.

The IC is available to all potential investors and existing economic entities  in order to engage  or facilitate their business.

A proactive approach and partnership based on trust and common interests, is a fundamental commitment to the IC staffbut also the commitment of all employees in the Agency "PREDA-PD".

For any additional information about the Information Center for Investors and its activities is available at:


T :: +387 52 24 04 10

E ::

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